For the last few years, the entire media have been chanting about CBD and THC and most people in the USA are by now quite familiar with them. Through THC, now another new product has been born that is known as Delta 8.

Smoking Delta 9 can certainly produce certain psychoactive side effects but comparatively Delta 9 has got a little milder effect on our body. Now you can also get Delta 8 CBD oil gummies, which have surprisingly good effects on our body with very little to almost no side effects.

You will find several proven benefits that these Delta 8 gummies can offer, and some of them have helped various consumers widely.

  1. It has the ability to kill cancer cells

A study was conducted in 1974, and accidentally it was discovered that Delta-8 could inhibit cancer cell growth. Actually, the study was for determining the extent of harm cannabis can do to our immune system.

After 20 days of treatment on mice by using Delta-8, their tumor size was reduced.

  1. It can stop nausea

In case you have nausea problems, particularly while traveling, then Delta-8 could help you. Most cannabis users often believe that it can make them feel less nauseous. Though many of you may dismiss this by saying that it is just anecdotal evidence, however, it is backed by scientific results.

  1. It stimulates appetite

Not only Delta-8 can prevent your nausea but also it can help you to gain your appetite. Those who are poor eaters must consider having these gummies in their side and take them after every hour before going for your meal. You will surely feel a little boost in your hunger.

  1. It can also help with anxiety

For those having anxiety, these Delta-8 THC gummies may help and keep their anxiety totally at bay. If you are just entering the stage to give your important presentation then often you may remain anxious, get stage fright, or have panic attacks.

  1. It can ease your pain

Like CBD, this Delta-8 THC also contains strong anti-inflammatory and also analgesic properties. However, its pain reduction quality can affect much greater areas of our body. If you have got bowel disorders, then Delta-8 THC can help you to relax the stomach and relieve your pain.

  1. It can improve your memory

Delta-8 THC can enhance the acetylcholine levels in our brain, which leads to much improved cognitive function. Delta-8 THC can also improve our brain health due to cell regeneration.

  1. It can improve your bone health

By using these gummies, you can strengthen the bones. Israel has conducted research and has found how marijuana could help to heal the broken bones after doing a trial with mice.

At the moment Delta-8 THC has not got the status of any conventional drug hence you must never stop your medication to switch to these gummies as your medical remedy. You must talk to your physician first before you use Delta-8 THC. However, you can use it for recreational purpose and also enjoy its various health benefits.