Usually, Musicians and Band Artists had to face a lot of hurdles before they got famous. Nut the music distribution companies have made the work easier for you. They have developed platforms that can help you sell your music online. They take charge of all your publicity.

You can just at the comfort of your home become a music sensation. This has been for a decade that independent artists are getting the fame they deserve. Thanks to all those distribution companies. You have to be observant while selecting a distribution website to your music and see that they meet all your demands at a reasonable price.

Steps to upload your music on any online platform

If you are interested to get your music on Spotify, then get the largest hub for music fans. You can choose from any third party and create your account on that website. Then you will have to get it verified by the company. Don’t worry. These are all online processes.

After verification, you will be able to upload your songs. You may be also asked to present a music poster of your likings. For this, you can ask for some Photoshop expert to prepare it for you. Then they will upload it and you need to wait to see the reaction. They will pay you according to the publicity.

If Spotify is something you have tried, then you can also sell your music on Amazon. They are the largest online platform with viewers of every age. You need to follow the same steps i.e. you have to search for the right distributor company. Then they will be handling all your sales.

Some apps provide a detailed description of your dashboard. This will contain information about the number of followers, number of downloads, and many more. They may also suggest you publicity tricks like selling some of your demo albums for free, giving free subscription, airing your shows on radio and many more.

If you want to reach the most audience, then iTunes can be your Music Mecca. You can make use of Musicdigi to put your music on iTunes. They can ace the task. They have got real-time reporting, secure monthly payments, and the fastest and easy music distribution. You can promote your music worldwide. There guarantee no hidden costs and full ownership of your music album.

Last but not the least; if you want to get your music on Deezer, you have a way to do so. The steps are similar to any of the above. You have to sign in to your distribution account and get yourself verified. Then select the type of release you wish to make. You have to give credit to your music contribution.


Music distribution companies have generated more employment and reduced the workload of musicians and band artists. They have revolutionized the way of selling and buying music albums. Everything can be done at the click of your fingers.  You have got the full freedom to showcase your talents on the best of the platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify. They are globally connected.