Preparing a will might be the last thing on your mind, but it is the responsibility of yours to your children. If you lose your life for any reason, then you can stay assured that your family is well-taken care off after your death because of your will.

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The necessity of a Will 

Preparing a will for your family is mandatory because of many reasons. Apart from being your responsibility to secure the future of your children, you must divide your assets equally amongst your children. Preparing a will beforehand will reduce the chances of the upcoming turmoil in your family because of the clash between the siblings and the people involved.

Situations that Might Arise Without a Will 

The division of any estate amongst the children will be done with the set of rules called the intestacy rules if the parent/s have not prepared a will before their death. You can avoid the falling of any estate to anyone’s name by preparing a will.

If there is no will, then the discussion regarding the person that will take care of the children might arise in the future, after your death. You can appoint any deserving person to take care of your children after your death with the help of a will.

Here are some of the results if you plan to go with the idea of no will writing option.

  • The cohabitee or the spouse and even the children will not get the asset that they deserve.
  • Even if you wish to give everything to your partner without a married relationship, you cannot do so.
  • The guardianship of your under-aged children will be decided by the court, and this might not end well for your children in most cases.
  • The step-children or even the foster children of yours will not inherit anything if there is no will.

Creating a Will

Writing a will includes many things. If you are not sure what to add or delete from the will, then you can take the help of the legal advisor who specializes in the will writing service. Here are some of the things that you should include in your will.

  • Division of the Property 

This includes the detailed information of what asset goes to which family member of the will owner after their passing.

  • Documents of the Guardianship 

If you own a child or children under age, then you need to think of the way of their care till they reach the legal age. You can add those details in the guardianship documents.

  • Health Care Proxy 

This clause includes the decisions regarding your medical health and how to proceed further if you are not capable of making such decisions.

Once you have handled all these works, you can then proceed with the work of will-making.