We’re ready to enjoy the summer and take advantage of the gorgeous weather. It’s also the time when temperatures can get too hot!

Budget Blinds has a wide selection of Brisbane Shutters that provide insulation, protection from the sun and enhance the ambiance of a space. There are many styles, colors, and materials to choose from, including designer-inspired designs.

The Best Shutters to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Budget Blinds can help you find “cool” interior shutters to match your modern style or blend in with your old home decor. Budget Blinds can also custom-match shutters to your home’s style!

Interior Wood Shutters

Wood shutters made hardwoods of the highest quality are authentic. Wood has natural insulation properties which help keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter. The interior wood shutters are also known as sun shutters. They block the sun in summer and keep the indoor temperature down. This helps to save energy and money.

Louvers allow you to adjust the level of natural light that you want by opening them to the extent that suits your needs. Cafe panels are a great option for privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms. They cover half the windows and let natural light through the top. We recommend bypass panels for patio and closet doors. The panels slide on a track, stack neatly behind each other, and can be stacked neatly.

Composite Windows and Door Shutters

Composite shutters are the perfect solution to your search for style, durability, and practicality. They are practical because they can block harmful UV rays from the sun and provide insulation. Synthetic materials also offer durability, with high humidity resistance and resistance to fading and cracking. A high level of insulation can reduce your home’s energy consumption by keeping it cooler in summer.

Composite shutters are also available in stunning styles that add charm to your interiors. They are available in three colors and three sizes of louver for optimal light control. Composite shutters can be stacked neatly behind each other, just like wood shutters. This makes them great for closets and patio doors. Shutters are practical and durable enough to be used in children’s rooms.

Plantation Shutters

They are available in many colors and finishes, both in real wood and in polymer faux wood. This makes it easy to find the right shade for your home. The adjustable louvers can be set to adjust the size of the slats. This allows you to control the airflow, privacy, natural lighting, and airflow. Budget Blinds’ Plantation Shutters can be used with sliding and French glass doors because they are hinge- and foldable due to their bifold track design.

Interior Window Shutters

Layering indoor shutters with operable curtains that can open and close to create custom styling options is a great way to increase insulation. You can use stationary drapery panels to add a design element to your window shutters. They allow you to introduce contrasting colors or patterns to a space.

Beat Summer Heat with Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds offers a wide range of interior shutters in a variety of finishes and colors that will enhance the beauty and style of your home. You can also add additional shade and privacy to your yard and home with aluminum shutters.

Window film can be used to cool the summer heat. Window film is available in many decorative styles, including clear and intricate designs with varying levels of transparency. Window film can be used alone or in combination with shutters to provide additional protection.