Instagram… we all scroll through it at least 3 times an hour (whoops) but have you ever felt like everyone else has perfect posts while yours looks average. A great Instagram post can bring in more followers, likes, and overall brand engagement. It also shows who you are and what you like. You might be wondering how top Instagram Long Island Influencer keeps their profiles looking great. Here are tips to get the best Instagram photos and start your journey to social media success.

Secret 1: Mix Up Your Photos

You don’t have to make every photo a selfie. You don’t want every post to be a selfie. This allows you to organize your posts in a way that makes your feed cohesive in style and color.

Secret 2: Have Someone Else Take The Photograph…Or Get Creative With Technology

Take a note about selfies: Stop taking them! You look better when you have a full-body shot. Also, having someone else (with a steady hand) take your picture will make it look more professional. A pair of headphones can be used to help you if you are having a fantastic hair day. This button will allow you to take a picture far away by clicking the headphones. You might look a bit silly, but the photos will look amazing.

Secret 3: Follow The Rule Of 3rds

Your subject (e.g., a flower, a bench or you, your dog, or …) should take up one-third of the photo frame. The background takes up the remainder. It will enhance your photo and make it more interesting for the eye. To help you with this, you can also use the grid setting on your phone.

Secret 4: Keep It Simple, Stupid

The balance between simple, cluttered shots and photos that have lots of negative spaces. Your Instagram will feel cluttered or empty if it has too much of each. You can also copy and paste edits and preview how a new post will look on your Insta.

Secret 5: Use The Same Techniques To Edit Your Photos

You can do more than tap auto-adjust. Because they are so easy to use, recommend Adobe Photoshop Express or Visco for this purpose. Edit your photos to make them more cool and blue. Studies show that photos with blueish hues tend to get more engagement than photos with red or warm tones.

Secret 6: Don’t Over Edit Your Photos

Also, you shouldn’t edit your photo too much. The photos you take should be taken in natural lighting and not with any filters. You should limit your changes to levels (brightness, contrast, etc.) Limit your use to one filter. You can use a different colored filter (such as those on VSCO) to replace black and white filters or sepia tone filters.

Secret 7: Take Your Time

It may take you 25 shots to get that perfect photo, or half an hour editing to get a decent shot of a rose. But it won’t be forgotten. You will receive more engagement if you take better photos. Remember to be authentic in your photos and to stay true to who you are as an Instagrammer. If you have an iPhone, hold down the capture button and take many photos at once. After selecting your favorites, you can save them all.