Everyone, even our animal family members, deserves some outside time after being cooped up for a year. It’s time for a family vacation, and it’s not a proper family vacation without your pet, right?

We agree that traveling with your pet might be difficult, but they’ve been in seclusion since Covid-19 and need a vacation too. A camping trip in nature can help you recharge after a tedious year, and your dog will make it better.

Then what? Book a motorhome hire Darwin, pack your camping gear and go on an adventure. Here are some Christmas recommendations for your pet.

A Guide To Pet Camping

  1. Find Pet-Friendly Campgrounds

First, investigate pet-friendly campgrounds. Ask pet-friendly campgrounds about their facilities and guidelines. Keep sure there are pet-friendly amenities like a place to cool down, play spaces, and walking grounds to make your pet comfortable.

  • Vaccinate, And Microchip Your Pet

Each state has pet camping guidelines. To avoid surprises, keep your dog’s vaccinations and deworming up to date and carry the relevant paperwork.

Microchip your pet. These chips will help you find lost or stolen items. Custom collars with your name and phone number might help if your dog gets lost.

  • Essentials

Forgetting your pet’s requirements might be costly. What to pack:

  • Feeders
  • Food
  • Water (if dry camping)
  • Treats
  • Poop sacks
  • Toys/Bed
  • Medications
  • Seatbelt
  • Vet kit
  • Leash
  • Vaccine and vet records.
  • Pet Campervan

Traveling with your pet in a campervan may be an unforgettable experience. Some pets adore rides, while others must be acclimated. Your experience depends on your pet’s temperament and personality. You can keep children safe and happy in a campervan with these recommendations.

  • First-Aid

Give your pet an area in the campervan and limit their mobility to keep them secure. To travel securely with your pet, use a harness or crate.

  • Comfort Them

Ensure their safety and comfort. Provide water and food. If you can’t keep a water bowl, give those sips sometimes. Long-term hunger might irritate your pet.

Watch for toilet signals and offer them breaks.

When you pause, let them stretch and move about. Stop at a dog park so they can run around.

Camping Advice

Before setting up a tent, check for prickles, ant nests, and dead animals. Off-trail, beware of dangerous plants and animals.

Furry pals need a secure, pleasant place to stay. You should keep them cool/warm and ensure they sleep undisturbed. If possible, bring dog beds or mats so they may sleep apart.

Ticks and fleas are common in Australia when camping with your dog. So, keep up with their therapy and drugs. Daily tick and flea checks are recommended. After a day in nature, examine their toes and paws for prickles and burrs.


Taking your animal family members on vacation may seem complicated, but it’s worth it. We hope these recommendations make campervan rental and camping easier.