You should write well and consider digital marketing when writing your material. Because you want people to read what you have written, we suggest that your material be accessible and easy to understand. has created rules for guest authors who contribute to the site to ensure that the content generated is constantly of high quality.

It Is Easy To Understand

  • To make our blog content more understandable and accessible, we ran it through Copyscape. Many criteria determine the content of the exam. The most important ones are:
  • Your sentences should not exceed twenty words in length.
  • A paragraph should not exceed 150 words. This equates to between three and five sentences.
  • No more than 300 words should be allowed for each section. Headings should be used to break down the body information into smaller pieces.
  • Total Length: A blog post must have at least 600 words. Less than that is acceptable.
  • The passive voice. The passive voice should not make up more than 10% of the content.


Our content must be a benchmark for SEO companies. It should contain well-written pieces and information that is up to date with the latest SEO developments. These items may change over time but some key concepts won’t.

  • Keywords, keywords, and more keywords! You should ensure that keywords appear naturally in your body and headers. You should check to see if the most important keyword or keyphrase appears in the first paragraph.
  • Conduct some preliminary research. You should consider the keywords and topics that your target audience could search on Google. You can do a preliminary Google search for your topic to see what articles are being compared to you, and how to create new material that appeals to the same audience.


Because is aimed at these audiences, your tone and style should be designed to appeal to other industry professionals and B2B firms. We are committed to innovation and relevance so we need to maintain a professional tone, while still producing entertaining material.

These are some ways to preserve continuity in our work style:

  • Make sure your data is scannable. Web readers spend less time reading than print readers, so ensure you’re most important information is at the top and use headers that are well-designed to direct site visitors to the most helpful parts of your article.
  • Be precise. It should be concise and clear so that readers understand what to expect from your content when it loads. Avoid cliches and another confusing language to the maximum extent possible.
  • Include backlinks. By linking your content to posts on popular blogs and websites, we can show that we are equal competitors. You can include three to five links to other sources in your message. 

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